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July 2015

Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) is celebrating its 25th anniversary by launching a global search to find 25 new hotel inspectors to join its worldwide team of ‘secret’ agents. From today until the 30th September 2015, eagle eyed applicants can submit their details to to be in with the chance of being selected as a Mystery Inspector, tasked with the mission of upholding SLH’s high standards of luxurious excellence across its worldwide portfolio.
This elite bond* of inspectors takes on the enviable role of checking out the crème de la crème of boutique, independently-owned hotels that form SLH’s collection of over 520 luxury hotels in 80 countries around the world. But before you give up the day job and buy some white gloves, there’s one thing you should know. SLH’s Mystery Inspector programme is the only hotel inspection programme of its kind that uses real guests and their experiences to make sure that its member hotels come up to scratch. SLH Mystery Inspectors are professionals, made up of loyal SLH guests who travel frequently and incorporate their undercover assignments into their own travel plans, whether visiting a city on business, taking a family holiday, exploring the world in retirement or just travelling the world in style.

SLH’s unique approach to its inspection programme stems from the belief that a real luxury hotel experience can not be determined by a clinical tick list and requires assimilation into its clientele. Appreciating the fact that guests have different tastes and requirements, and that SLH does not offer cookie cutter hotels, Mystery Inspectors are in tune with the brand and look at the experience as a whole, from start to finish, as a guest. This includes everything from drinks by the pool and a signature spa treatment to borrowing a kayak or enjoying a Michelin-starred meal.
All of this, of course, is in addition to having that essential eye for detail. Guests staying at a selection of SLH’s city centre hotels this August can see whether they cut the mustard by keeping their eyes peeled for some of the finer details that might not seem quite right – items that wouldn’t get past an SLH Mystery Inspector in their quest for perfection.

The Mystery Inspectors feed into an overall Quality Assurance programme that is integral to the SLH brand. Hotels are continuously monitored to ensure that they are upholding the high standards of both quality, service and experience that SLH guests can expect via inspection, Club reviews, customer feedback and online review insight. Currently SLH hotels are inspected rigorously as part of the criteria to join the brand, and once every 12-18 months thereafter.
Tim Davis, Global Director of Marketing at SLH says: “The fact that our inspection programme is undertaken by SLH guests themselves is a real factor that differentiates us from other luxury hotel brands. These are real SLH customers talking about the things that really matter to them when on holiday or business and staying in a luxury property, not someone who inspects hotels for a living and is immune to what gives a hotel that exceptional ‘SLH feel’. SLH prides itself on the quality and unique experience that can only be found at independently owned properties, and the opportunity to become one of our undercover agents is an opportunity that should not be missed!’

Just remember, being a Mystery Inspector is no picnic – unless it’s an option on the room service menu of course!
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*SLH’s collective noun for a group of hotel inspectors

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