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Colombia’s diverse landscape is made for adventure. You could be walking in a cosmopolitan city one day, then strolling through an ancient ruin the next. Doze on an idyllic Caribbean beach, trek across the mountains, or even go on a jungle safari. Whether you want slow-paced sunbathing, or action-packed expeditions, Colombia’s got something for everyone.  

Whale watching, mountain walks and wine – Colombia is a beach paradise, a country retreat and a city break all rolled into one.


Capital city: Bogotá.

Currency: Peso (in COP$1,000, COP$2,000, COP$5,000, COP$10,000, COP$20,000 and COP$50,000 notes).

Cuisine: Each region has its own speciality, but the national dish is bandeja paisa – a platter of ground beef, chorizo, beans, rice, fried banana, a fried egg, avocado and pork.

Tipping etiquette: A 10% tip is usual.

Saying hello: “Buenos días” in the morning, “buenas noches” at night.


You don’t have to travel far to experience two utterly different climates. Whenever you’re in the high altitude of the Andean peaks, the temperature will be completely different to the warm, lower levels of Colombia. The country is famous for its carnivals and cultural events, and many people travel to this part of the world to experience them. In August it’s all about music when the Festival de Música del Pacifico Álvarez comes to town. 

Visit Tayrona National Park and discover a sprinkling of historical ruins. It’s also home to over 300 different species of bird.

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