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South Korea’s recent past is just the beginning of this country’s extraordinary story. One of the most technologically advanced nations in the world, here vibrant cities spring up against dramatic landscapes. Sandy beaches jostle with bustling ports, and centuries of tradition rub shoulders with a cutting-edge culture. Immerse yourself in the streets of Seoul, hopping between galleries, boutiques and bars. Or escape the city on a bullet train to discover South Korea’s remotest corners. With bamboo forests and Buddhist temples, soaring mountain ranges and haunting empty spaces, South Korea is an adventure waiting to happen.

A small yet mighty country, where the past and present collide in a spectacular fusion of colour and culture.


  • Capital city: Seoul.
  • Currency: South Korean Won – in 1000 KRW, 5000 KRW, 10,000 KRW and 50,000 KRW notes.
  • Cuisine: Expect hearty soups, do-it-yourself barbeques and lots of kimchi (a surprisingly delicious side dish of fermented cabbage). 
  • Saying hello: If you’re greeting someone older, or meeting someone for the first time, stick to the formal “anyoung haseyo”. With friends a simple “anyoung” will do the trick.
  • Tipping etiquette: Tipping isn’t obligatory or expected – though some hotels may add a 10% service charge.


Seasons in South Korea are distinct and bold – each offering its own sensory experience. Watch the country come alive with the marshmallow magic of the annual cherry blossom. Or head to the mountains as autumn descends and red leaves begin to fall. Crisp winters see South Koreans head to the ski resorts of the north. And summer is never far away, with its lazy days and sultry nights. 

Journey to the source of South Korea with a visit to the Demilitarized Zone – a surreal step into the country’s recent past.

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