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A scenic island retreat

Grenada is a blissful island retreat, where the scent of spice hangs in the air. You could take a trip the Grand Etang National Park & Forest Reserve and sit at the edge of the lake beside an extinct volcano. Wander the winding streets or pretty St. Georges. Or simply explore under the sea around your luxury hotel on an exclusive scuba diving expedition. 

Sultry rainforests, spicy cuisine and secluded bays on this island gem.


Capital city: St George’s.

Currency: Eastern Caribbean dollar in (EC$10, EC$20, EC$50 and EC$100 notes).

Cuisine: Oildown is the national dish. It’s a stew made with salted meat, breadfruit, daheen (a root vegetable grown locally) and dumplings all slowly steamed in coconut milk. Give it a try.

Tipping etiquette: It’s customary to leave a 10% tip.

Saying hello: Simply use “hello” and a warm smile.


Grenada’s weather makes it something of a tropical paradise, with warm temperatures all year round and a refreshing rainy season stretching from June to November. Escape to Grenada any time of year to soak up the sun and visit the waterfalls and natural hot springs that are dotted all over this small island.

Take a trip to the River Sallee Boiling Springs, considered a spiritual site by the locals. Remember to bring a coin and make a wish before you throw it in. 

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