There are so many intriguing sides to Copenhagen. Here you can find the world’s oldest amusement arcade. Or stretch out on pristine beaches. Discover the city’s thriving jazz scene, as well as unique Scandinavian gastronomy. As well as having some of the world's best hotels, Copenhagen is also home to one of the largest pedestrianised shopping centres in the world – perfect if you want to browse boutiques.

Maritime heritage, modern jazz and cutting-edge cuisine, Scandinavian style.

Things to do


Many contemporary architects learned their craft in Copenhagen. You’ll find buildings by Jorn Utzon, the man behind the Sydney Opera House. As well as designs by Henning Larsen, responsible for many iconic buildings in Riyadh. And the new Royal Library, known as the ‘Black Diamond’ is a sight to behold.


Scandinavian cuisine is rightly being recognised as something special, and Copenhagen has a number of Michelin starred restaurants. If you’re looking for fine dining with an authentic Scandinavian twist, you’ll be spoilt for choice.


Copenhagen is a city built on water and many locals get about by boat. Venture from your luxury hotel on a canal tour. Or dive into the maritime culture, literally, by visiting one of the two harbour baths – locals tend to swim here from June through to August. 

The streets are designed for cyclists in Copenhagen. Hire a bike to explore the city on two wheels. 

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